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The website is free for all researchers who are working with Real-time PCR.

Currently, this website is running on both my personal and one of lab's computer. Maintaining the website, with adequate disk space and bandwidth, carries a substantial cost. Apart from writing the software, I answer emailed support questions from users. In short, the more I work on this website, the less resources I have to continue doing so. Your donation, therefore, means a lot to me and will help me continue improve Miner and maintaining the website. This free online tool is, essentially, gift tool — if you like, you can reciprocate the gift.

Before you do, I feel it is important to say that:

To those who have sent gifts my way or pledged donations, thank you, they are much appreciated

I'd like to help, but I can't send money

You can help in other ways, if you wish. You can give me any suggestion for Miner and/or the website. I would certainly like to hear from you!

Tell others about the Real-time PCR Miner! If you have a webpage of your own, please consider linking to; maybe you can write a review of it. Your assistance in any of these ways will be much appreciated.

Feel free to use Google search on the left side or click the Google advertisement on the right side in each page to help the website to earn AdSense money from Google. Although the amount of the money is very small, but it is a very important to get support from you.

How about I send donation directly?

You can send the donation through AliPay 2D code,
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Or, You can send the donation through weichat 2D code,
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Or, you can mail to the address below (for check, money order only.):

Payee: Sheng Zhao

Address: Sheng Zhao Lab
Room 414, Zonghe Building
Department of Biochemitry and Molecular Biology
Medical School of Southeast University
87, Dingjiaqiao, Gulouqu
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210009
Phone: 86-19941980113

I'd rather send a tangible gift.

Absolutely. Gifts are appreciated no less than cash donations. You can use the same address above.

Email: or